Mares Dragon Air Trim MRS Plus

Mares Dragon Air Trim MRS Plus

Designed for people who want security, comfort, and style. Dragon AT offers the comfort of a full jacket style BCD without the bulky, restrictive feeling of a traditional cut.

Providing ample lift for use with a drysuit or thick wetsuit in colder water, yet streamlined and plush lined for warm environments using a lightweight suit or no suit. Equipped with the Airtrim system and BPS Plus lumbar support for fantastic PRE-dive comfort, this jacket is extremely stylish, sturdy, and loaded with features.


  • Airtrim® System
  • Twin Exhaust Valve System
  • MRS Plus included (6kg/13lbs capacity per pocket in size L)
  • Low Position Trim Weights that can hold up to 4kg/9lbs total
  • BPS Plus
  • Elastic cummerbund secures the BCD in place and adjusts for wetsuit compression at depth
  • QAS
  • Oral Inflator
  • Neoprene padded collar
  • Internal plush lining
  • Shoulder straps designed to relieve pressure on the shoulders
  • Adjustable elastic chest strap
  • Two zippered pockets are angled for ease of opening and closing
  • Dual position hose clip for your gauges
  • Materials:

– 420 denier buoyancy bag with 3D Alutex protection and abrasion resistant mesh

– 4 Large AISI 304 Stainless steel bent D-rings: 2 upper and 2 lower that are positioned intelligently         within your downward vision also functioning as leverage while inserting the weight pockets