Halley 50

The new Halley 50 conjugates high services of duration to the quality of the light, answering to the real necessity of the underwater one more demanding. The heart of this product is the electric circuit with control of running costing in technology “Switching” of last generation united to a new switch magnetic that action a micro static switch to effect “hallway”. These features guarantee greatest reliability, the duration in the time of all main components and the increase of autonomy of the battery with a light absolutely CHARACTERISTIC bleach TECHNOLOGIES SPECIAL Material body: aluminum Anticorodal anodized

Porthole: temperate glass from 6 mm

Held: 2 OR-Rings in NBR lived on the fine race, torch body threading + O-ring in NBR lived on held porthole

I weigh in air: 1,600 g

I weigh in water: 980 g

Diameter body: 75 mm

Length body: 265 mm

Light bulb: 50 W Xenophot

Electric circuit: with running control costing in technology “Switching”

Time of reloading: 5 hours to batteries completely discharging

Greatest depth d’ utilization: 100 meters

Autonomy: until 55 minutes

Automatic valve of safety calibrated to 0.9 BAR

Secure of transportation

Lacciolo in endowment