Anodised aluminium ultra bright 20 to 50 watt professional rechargeable dive lamp with high focus beam and safety locking switch. Supplied complete with NiMH battery, LED charger, European mains adapter, 4 bulbs, 20, 35, 50 Watt wide angle and 50 Watt narrow beam, protective nylon end caps and comfort wrist lanyard. The diverse options of blubs and effective burn times make this a particularly popular choice for many who enjoy regular night time or limited visibility diving. Its compact size, light weight, halogen bulbs and charger options also ensure it is highly popular for travel.
50 minutes burn time at 50 Watts. 

70 minutes burn time at 35 Watts.

120 minutes burn time at 20 watts.

3700 mAH NiMH Battery

20W Bulb 4700K, 12º angle beam

35W Bulb 3800K, 12º angle beam

50W Bulb 3800K, 60º angle beam

50W Narrow Bulb 3800K, 12º angle beam

Waterproof to 100 metres.