Mini Phantom

L197HM10 – Mini Phantom 10W HID Torch
For 2005/2006 OMS ® introduces a newly engineered (2) part Phantom 10w HID light (canister and battery) and the smallest 10w HID Flashlight in the world!

The new Phantom two part dive light has a completely
redesigned Ultra Compact, mil spec hard coat anodized
head with a new captured O-Ring assembly in the lens
area and (4) titanium screws to hold down the bezel.
The light head can be held in your hand or you can
affix the optional Goodman Handle (Fig. 1) or mount
to a helmet.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes is implementation of a patent pending PCB that is easily field repairable, incorporates a high reliability magnetic reed switch and a 50 degree C thermal cutoff switch. The actuation switch now has a replaceable high strength Nylon lockdown screw to prevent accidental turn-on. The high reliability abrasion resistant cord system with captured O-Rings has been implemented to dramatically reduce the possibility of seal or cord failure.